Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sharing quality time

"The One" introduced me to another thing of the new technology.."Online Gaming". hmm..I never knew of it till now, I'm such a mountain tortoise huh ;) (For those of you who have no idea what "online Gaming" is, its basically connecting to the internet to play with a group of 'online virtual players' in a certain game in real time)

"The One" is very hooked on this thingy..He can spend hours on the game (pretty much like me spending hours on the net! hahaha so no major complaints on my part, he needs his relaxation time too huh)

Most days I just sat down beside him and watched him play..I think "The One" do enjoy having me sit beside and watching him "kill" those enemies in the game. The excitment when his team won the rounds or when he has the most 'kills' and of course frustation when they lost or he didnt do well in the round.

Even though I'm not an expert at what he's enjoying, its nice just sitting, watching and sharing his joy and sometimes giving him a pat on his back and say.."You'll do better next round". I'm glad "The One" is willing to share with me something he likes (he never shoo me away saying i wont understand..hehe) Thats spending quality time together too isnt it? :)

Cheerios and keep smiling!
With Love from PoohBear

Tips for maintaining a happy relationship/marriage:
Share something with "The One" even if its not yours (or his) favourite pastime, I'm sure I'll (or he'll) appreciate just having you(or him) by each other's side to share the moments with.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Shopping? for most ladies, thats like a candy treat..for guys (esp guys who hv galfriends that insist the guy should pay)?? its like hearing "a bomb gonna explode!"

Not just do the guys think.. financially (a "bomb" hole in the wallet), emotionally (will I be saying the wrong things (again)? 'time-bomb') and physically (more like an army drill walking tons of hours and carrying those shopping bags ("bombs" that sometimes they paid for!) they just wish they are in Carribean sun tanning and watching bikini babes walking past them..Right guys?

The other day "The One" and I went shopping, I wanted to get a pair of shoe. Shopping here in Canada is relaxing, no rushing and no squeezing with people..(but then I still miss shopping at Taka and Orchard even neighbourhood malls where I get to see alot of people...)

After walking tons of hours and looking at sooo many shoes, finally "The One" proclaimed he needed to sit down and have a rest. In the end we agreed if we cant find any at this 'last' place we will end the shopping trip. I agreed (Im tired too! hahaha btw i'm not a shopping fan too ;))..After walking one last round in the store, "The One" picked up 5-6 pairs and showed it to me..I shook my head when Finally "The One" picked up one last pair and said, "lets try"..and tata..we got our pair of shoe for me!

Reaching home, I asked "The One", "I guess u wont be hving another shopping trip with me huh", he looked at me sweetly, "Of course I will, that little challenge did not scare me!" hmm.. thats one of the many reasons why I love "The One"? ;)

Cheerios and keep smiling!
With Love from PoohBear

Tips for maintaining a happy relationship/marriage:
Patience is a virtue..especially if you practice it with ur loved ones coz most of the time we tend to 'abuse' their love for us by being mean to them..isnt it?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

something 'new' for me today!

Good morning from Toronto, Canada!

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunshine day after days of rains...We gain an extra hour today after turning the clock back at 2am this 29th Oct, Sat morning. Was sitting with the internet on and my cup of warm milk, I decided hmmm..i'll try something "new" today!Something i never tried but millions of others hv..Finally a BLOG! to let you guys know how i'm doing..esp so with life and marriage life here in canada..

A little idea of who i'm behind this blog: (something for you guys who might not know me, those who know might hv more to say! hahaha)

I moved here from Sunny Singapore to Canada to be with 'The One' after 5 years of knowing each other and 3 years of intensive haha 'courtship'..'Courtship' with a ' ' becoz unlike most couples who were able to be physically together in the same place most of the time during courtship, we knew each other on IRC. Separated by Distance, Space, Time...we still had our fair shares of ups and downs, laughters and tears (believe it or not, we do 'fight' and 'quarrel' over the net too!), separation and get-togethers (just like any other couples!) Just that all these happen though the internet, msn, emails, phonecalls and once a year trip we managed to go on together..Despite all these hurdles, I'm proud to say, "The One" and I managed to hang on and stay on together..

Throughout this 'courtship' there are always 'curious', 'skeptical' people around us who thought "you're crazy! hv relationship with someone on the net??" and there are the "I'm-sure-you-guys-will-work-out" family and friends who stick by us all the way..( you guys know who you are :)

By now, you guys might hv guessed it...FINALLY in May this year, "The One" and I are married! :) Thus the beginning of the another exciting part of life journey as "US", "WE", "OUR"...

Do keep tuning in to find out along with me what I've started to discover walking on this marriage path..Welcome to the "YOU'RE MARRIED" club!

Cheerios and Keep smiling!
With Love from PoohBear