Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"The One" 2010 birthday

It has been 2 years since I last time flies! within 2 years alot of things have changed, new experiences, new views, my take on life has changed as well..for the better or the worst, each to this own opinion.

after visiting some blogger friends, had the urge to write again, so i decided, i shall blog on and off, as and when i feel like it..:)

For "The One" 2010 birthday..i give him a little surprise...

Heart shaped sandwich hehe :P was doing a 'rush' job while he took his shower hehe..i hope that brought a big smile to his face when he opened it (he had to bring breakfast to work as his work hours started very early) and a card that took me donkey long time to choose, read through and carefully picked out for him (now pinned on our pinboard) :)

At nite, We had Mandrian buffet at Eglinton, nice food and alot of varities too..the lamb is juicy but a little bit strong with the smell, the cooked food is nice, so are the desserts. When I told him im going to sing him birthday song as he eat his slice of cake, he was like "no, no"...he was feeling shy, hehe i told him, "I'll sing in mandarin" (since the other tables are filled with non-chinese customers) i just sang it softly, its great to see his smiley face :)

I hope that "The One" will hv lots of wonderful memories when he think back of the time we hv together..happy birthday love u lots...

Cheerios and keep smiling,
With love from PoohBear

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