Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Winter has been cold, this year unlike last year, it is indeed a WHITE Xmas (we had a GREEN Xmas last year)..This year Xmas was celebrated in the office as well as with "the One" cousins.

We had an early company Xmas dinner on the 15th Dec at "The Fish house" where we were given a treat by our boss for the year's hard work. The food was delicious (sorry no pics, forgot to charge my battery, went dead before I can take pics of those nice food). It was fun having a great dinner just talking with each other rather than work stuff...

I had the Southwest Parchment Tilapia - which is Ancho spice marinated tilapia, veggies, fresh lime, cilantro roasted corn & whiteskin potatoes baked in a parchment pouch. Healthy and the sweetness of the vegs all contained in that parch, yumyum! (the pic below is from the net, not the actual one but something similar to what is there ;)) For dessert, I had their signature "After eight cheesecake", of course that comes with the 'after eight" chocolate at the bottom and the cheesecake was baked around a crispy wafer..that was yummmyyy...

We even had a pot luck lunch in the office, everyone of us made a dish and had a hearty lunch! That's when I realised EVERYONE in the office can cook really really well! There's stewed beef, sushi, stuffed baked bell pepper, fried rice, broccoli fried with prawns and mango, chicken n vegetable curry and I? I made sweet lemon chicken. We had a vote for the 'best presentation', "best effort" and "best taste" awards.."best presentation" went to the sushi, "best effort" went to the stuffed baked bell pepper, I was at a tie with the no. of votes for "best taste", the colleague who made vegetable curry won over my sweet lemon chicken hehehe At the end of the day, we left the leftovers in the fridge and everyone had a second round of feast the next day :)

Just last Friday, 21st Dec, we had a 'Secret Santa' event..which is..everyone of us draw a name out from the box and we are supposed to buy gifts for that particular person. coincidentally, the colleague that I brought the present for, she was my 'Secret Santa' too! hahaha..

"The One" colleague has been really nice too..some of them gave him chocolates, liquor and the company had a Xmas buffet over all, we both had a good Xmas..

Okie, so here, we'll like to take the chance to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a wonderful new year!

Cheerios and keep smiling!
With Love from PoohBear & "The One"


Daphne Ling said...

Hi Winnie,

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year to you and "The One" too!


Jonzz said...

Heya, Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you!

Nightwing said...

Hi Winnie,

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Blessed Christmas with excellent healt, peace, joy & Prosperous New Year & throughout 2008...:)

Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

Hepi New Year, so u manage 2 find ur Wii?

Hazel said...

happy new year !

TZ said...

Happy New Year.

ruby ahmad said...

Hey Winnie,

I had no idea you started to blog again!! Boy, I came here just to peep in and still hope I could wish you. Tengok2 you are back in action. How wonderful.

Hey my dear I wish you and family:


PEARLY said...

hi dear winnie :
wishing u and The One a very merry xmas and happy new year too
look at the post you are really enjoy your new job and all those ppl are very nice too . I am so happy for you

keeyit said...

merry christmas and happy new year

david santos said...

Happy new year, Winnie!!

PEARLY said...

*** Please can I stay
('_')here in your

I'll sit only
Promise I'll behave....
until 1stJan2008 only...
so I'll be the 1st to wish you



winniethepooh said...

Dear Daphne, thanks you! :) u hv a great xmas and hv fun welcoming the new year!

*hugs kisses*

winniethepooh said...

hi jonzz, same to u too, hope u had a good xmas celebration and hd lots of fun welcoming 2008!


winniethepooh said...

Hi nightwing,

thank you for the well wishes, same to u and ur family, be safe, keep smiling, be happy and hope u had a good time on the Queen mary 2! ;)

winniethepooh said...

happi new year dear FH! :) hehe no lah, give up trying to find Wii..just wait patiently for it to sneak out again heheh ;)

winniethepooh said...

hi hazel, thanks for visiting my blog :) happy new year to u, ur hubby and little nelson too in malaysia!

winniethepooh said...

thanks tz, happi new year to u too! bet u will be looking forward to lots of exciting new changes in 2008 :) all the best in the new year!


winniethepooh said...

thank you ruby, well i tot i'll just pen whatever happened in canada, so that i dont 'miss out' on the life here hehe..

thank you for the warm wishes, wishing u and ur family all the joy, peace and happiness in the new year!


p/s: did u had a wild nite on board queen mary 2 on the 31st dec? ;P hehehe

winniethepooh said...

thanks pearly for the well wishes, know that u had a great xmas at ur mother in law's place and the kids had the Wii!! wow :))

yup, i'm thankful and grateful that i've met nice colleagues and everyone has been very nice to me too.

wishing u and ur family a wonderful 2008, peace, love and joy throughout the year! and u get well soon n be happy okie!


winniethepooh said...

same to u keeyit! hope u had lots of fun welcoming the new year!


winniethepooh said...

hi David, happy new year to u too!


winniethepooh said...

thank you dear pearly for ur kind tots :) ure definitely no. 1 to wish me a happy new year on the 1st of jan! :)

*give pearly some curry puff oso* hv some and enjoy yeah heeh ;)